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My name is Ray Farkas; owner of Commercial Cool Roof Systems. I have been a full service roofer with over 25 years experience in almost all types of roofing; commercial and domestic and now I specialize in commercial flat roofs only.

I have noticed in general, a poor standard in roof maintenance and repair (certainly NOT all roofers). These lower standard repairs have been created in an industry but this doesn’t mean it’s the only standard—or there isn’t a higher standard of repair and roof preservation. If one has enough substandard repairs done, which continually fail, it forces one into thinking you need to reroof.

Did you know the majority of flat roofs are prematurely replaced? That the most commonly sold and used flat roof repair material holds up for the least amount of time?

Our company is about maximizing roof service life, completing repairs that last, getting you out of a premature reroofing, saving you money and getting you a long-term and leak-free building.

Installing a cool roof, fluid applied, reinforced roof takes experience, skill, specific and specialized equipment. Not many roofers are experienced in this area or setup with proper equipment to deliver.

So, if a roofer is not experienced in roof preservation nor has the equipment, you’re certainly going to get advice that’s limited.

We start by giving you a full inspection of the existing condition of your roof and it's true service life and then send you an entire roof profile backed by clear pictures and their description. The work is customized after we find out what you and your building needs—each situation and building is different.

Remember, our main goal is to provide you with an economical, long-term, leak-free solution.

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