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Commercial Cool Roof Systems – Services Provided

Commercial Cool Roof Systems provides economical, renewable, long-term, leak free roof systems for commercial and industrial buildings as well as multi-dwelling residential buildings with eligible roofs.

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Get a free commercial roof inspection and full report—valued at $225 or more depending on the roof size. This roof inspection includes an entire roof profile backed by clear pictures and detailed descriptions of each issue found. See just some of the items covered by our free inspection:

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  • Roof covering status
  • Parapet walls
  • Pipe vents
  • Roof penetrations
  • Larger vent penetrations
  • Roof drainage condition
  • Sheet Metal Condition
  • Skyline and platform curbs
  • Roof cleanliness

Roof Inspections & Reports

For this free service (a $225+ value), our Cool Roof experts will perform a thorough inspection and provide a comprehensive report on your existing roof with clear images and descriptions of each issue found. This report includes, but is not limited to:

  • Roof Covering Status
  • Parapet Walls
  • Pipe Vents
  • Roof Penetrations
  • Larger Vent Penetrations
  • Roof Drainage Condition
  • Sheet Metal Condition
  • Skylight and Platform Curbs
  • Roof Cleanliness

Roof Inspections & Certifications

We ensure our cool roofs are 100% compliant with federal, state and municipal building codes and energy conservation programs and we use products which comply with California Title 24. When looking to upgrade to a cool roof Los Angeles has many companies who do not adhere to all these codes and certifications and that can lead to major headaches down the line. Always make sure you hire a licensed roof contractor for any cool roof system.

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Roof Estimates

Having provided a full, comprehensive report that outlines every issue needing remedy, we will provide you with a complete price and time estimate for an economical, renewable, long-term, leak free roof system.

Commercial Elastomeric Roof Coating Systems

This is much more than the white cool roof coating that many other roofing companies offer. Our roofing systems include a multi-layer waterproof membrane and thorough duct joint and roof penetration waterproofing only then followed by our proprietary white elastomeric coating system.

Flat Roof Repair or Restoration

The majority of roofs marked for extensive re-roofing or complete tear-off and rebuild can be repaired and/or restored using our cool roof system methodology. This can result in thousands to tens of thousands in savings on just the roof, not to mention having to relocate or compensate tenants as well as business loss. Our flat roof repair includes:

  • Traditional Flat Roofs
  • Gravel Roofs
  • Sheet Metal Roofs
  • Open Beam Roofs

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Roof Ventilation

Critical for general building safety and building code compliance, not to mention the comfort of your tenants, we ensure that all roof ventilation is working properly.

Air Conditioner Duct Re-Sealing

Poor duct seals can allow water in and cool air out, creating roof and internal building damage and inflated energy bills, as well as discomfort for anyone in the building. As part of our complete waterproofing, all duct joints are properly sealed.

Roof Drainage & Water Ponding Alleviation

Using our proprietary compound and methods (covered in full here), we ensure that your new cool roof drains properly and there is never any water ponding. As part of our waterproofing system, we ensure all drainage is working properly and efficiently. This includes:

  • Exterior metal downpipes
  • Drain additions and replacements

Roof Maintenance Programs Tailored To Your Building

Depending on location, proximity to the ocean, trees, freeways, every roof situation is different. But every roof needs to be maintained to ensure a lengthy service life. We’ll offer a custom maintenance program for your roof to increase its service life as long as possible. This can include washing and cleaning the roof, minor repairs as they arise and before they become major repairs, white elastomeric re-coating every several years (which resets the warranty). When looking for commercial roofing Los Angeles will offer countless options, make sure you choose a company that is invested in your Cool Roof System lasting beyond expectations.

Additional Services

  • Any roof sheet metal work – custom or standard
  • Install or replace roof hatch access
  • Replace or install skylights
  • Will work out of town and out of state

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