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If you’re looking for commercial flat roof repair Los Angeles and the surrounding areas present a specific set of issues to consider. The dry, hot climate causes your flat roof to dry out and start pulling apart. The primary cause is sun, heat and UV rays. The older it gets, the drier and more brittle it becomes resulting in more and more roof damage and thus more and more frequent repairs.

Additionally, a dehydrated roof begins to crack allowing dust, dirt, pollutants and the worse yet, water, to enter the building. This can cause a whole new series of critical problems for a building owner. Poor energy efficiency and temperature control, bad air quality, health issues, mold, structural integrity, to name a few.

Even the beginning of this kind of failure can result in the apparent need for a new roof. Whether a full tear off and re-roofing, or major repairs and section replacements.

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  • Skyline and platform curbs
  • Roof cleanliness

But perhaps a better option is a flat roof restoration with a Cool Roof System?

This kind of commercial flat roof restoration first handles any repairs in a much less tenant and business invasive and disruptive method than a tear off. Roof penetrations and duct joints are sealed and a thorough waterproofing membrane is installed. This is followed by multiple coats of the white elastomeric roof coatings. This durable, rubberized coating stretches in the heat and then returns to the original shape without damage. It’s this kind of flat roof repair that can save commercial and industrial building owners over 50% vs traditional re-roofing projects.

Additionally, choosing a cool roof system as your flat roof restoration option has energy saving benefits as well. By reflecting the heat and UV rays from the roof surfaces, including the ducts, as opposed to your building absorbing that heat, the temperature and energy use of your building will reduce, often significantly.

Perhaps you are already environmentally and energy conscious and you have installed solar panels or other energy efficiency mechanicals. However, if the roof system is failing, or the solar panel system was installed over a roof that didn’t have a long service life left in it to begin with, this can be very problematic. Most roofing companies will require these panels to be removed before they can re-roof and then re-installed, which adds considerable cost and time to the project. A Cool Roof System is the perfect fit to roofs with solar panels. No removal is required in order to waterproof the roof system or apply the white elastomeric coatings. Any roof with complicated mechanicals, ducting, wiring or other complications benefits incredibly from a Cool Roof System as the option for flat roof restoration.

Another benefit to a cool roof is that it’s a renewable system, which means that you can re-top coat the white protective coating at any time at a minimal expense and extend your warranty out again and again indefinitely. There’s no getting around maintenance but with a Cool Roof System your maintenance and maintenance costs are reduced.

We understand that when looking for flat roof restoration or flat roof repair Los Angeles has many roofing companies to choose from. We’re very proud of our work and our message is simple: We deliver what we promise and more in our scope of work and we can provide you with an economical, renewable, long-term, leak free roof system.

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