In an effort to further educate our clients and anyone interested in a cool roof system, we’re happy to provide a series of articles to give you more information to help you make the best choice possible for your new cool roof or cool roof maintenance.

Elastomeric coatings: what makes our application different?

Most applications of white elastomeric roof coatings use large heavy duty spray equipment to accomplish this. In skilled hands it allows roofers to coat large roofs economically. I use the same type of equipment but with some differences in application compared to other companies I’ve seen where just the spray gun is used for the whole job...

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If it's not leaking leave it alone! True or false?

The last rains brought in many roofing calls. In our state, when it rains, it really rains—fast and hard! This year we’re making up for some fairly dry winters. It seems that people forget about their roofs until it rains and a leaking problem arises—hey!...

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Thermal shock/roof dehydration costs you money

Thermal shock is a term describing the temperature swing in a day. An example of this is inLos Angeles,CA. During the day we will get the temperature rising up to 90-100 degrees just to use an average in the summer...

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Roof survival: start with a good roof inspection

A roofing system can be one of the greatest expenses a building can have. It’s an important system that protects your investment and keeps tenants dry. It increases or decreases the value of the resale of the building...

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Sheet metal work

Older buildings that have been re-roofed a number of times, usually on average about every 15 years, won’t always have everything changed out at the time of the re-roofing. I am specifically referring to roofing sheet metals. Many times they are reused or just removed to make the reroof easier and then replaced with some sealant or tar...

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Free light in a building is an excellent way to reduce energy costs in any type of building and have been utilized on commercial buildings very effectively. The earlier skylights were metal steel frames with reinforced glass, usually clear. These were very simple in design and water tight...

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Roof penetrations and stress points

Roof Penetrations and Stress Points A roof penetration is anything that comes up through a roof or goes down through a roof to the interior of the building. This includes vent pipes from toilets, sinks, A/C duct vents, A/C curbs, electrical, drains, heat vents, swamp coolers, wall support brackets, skylights, building ventilation, roof access hatches, etc...

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They say I need to reroof

Premature re-roofing is quite often prescribed not from the whole roof failing all at once but usually from just a small percentage of the roof failing to hold its water integrity. However, we have yet to come across a roof that we couldn’t tailor a commercial cool roof system for and save the client money...

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Time of year to do a Cool Roof

All roofing needs to have favorable weather; unfortunately the leaks that show up are usually in the fall and winter months when it becomes more difficult to schedule larger projects given the shorter and unpredictable weather and temperature windows...

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Hot air, unless it can escape, will build up inside a building making it hot and uncomfortable. One option for cooling your building down that is very effective is the use of turbine vents. These operate on a wind movement which will draw hot air out of the structure...

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Water Ponding & Drainage

First, let’s take up the definition of the term ponding water: “It’s standing water that takes more than 48 hours to drain or evaporate off the roofing system.” If it rains for a week straight you will have water on the roof while it is raining but that is different than a pool of water sitting in one area...

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What is a flat roof restoration?

A roof that is old and near or at the end of its service life, can be restored by doing the correct repairs or by replacing failing or damaged parts and then installing a durable water proofing system over the entire roof. This can keep your roof water tight for 15-20 years saving you up to 50% or more...

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