Elastomeric coatings: what makes our application different?

Most applications of white elastomeric roof coatings use large heavy duty spray equipment to accomplish this. In skilled hands it allows roofers to coat large roofs economically.

I use the same type of equipment but with some differences in application compared to other companies I've seen where just the spray gun is used for the whole job. When you are using just a spray gun, the pattern of the coating will have highs and lows of elastomeric thickness. The coating will be messy or uneven around A/C, skylights or other parts you don't want to get paint on. Keep in mind that the spray fan can be quite wide from the spray gun. The spray gun is not made for accuracy or detail work.

Throughout all of my coatings, my method has been to use the spray equipment to get the high volume of coating with the lowest pressure possible and back rollering the elastomeric coating into the entire roof as it is being applied. By doing this I get excellent contact with any unevenness in the roof, good even coverage at the desired rate of coverage and the recommended thickness by the manufacturers.

We also use brushes around all detail areas to keep it clean and crisp. Brushes and rollers are the only way that you can effectively get the coatings into or on certain things. Yes, it does take a bit more effort to do this back roller step but it makes a big difference in the overall job which I hope you can see in our work.

I like speed as much as the next man but if I can do that extra bit that I feel will give a longer life span to my work I will do it.

One of my goals is to continue to maintain a high standard of application in the field of cool roofing systems. Cool roofing has a mix of fields and trades involved. Roofing and all of its principles, to get a roof water tight and the coating field with all of its principles in getting a coating to stay in place and doing its job of protecting the substrate it is covering.

When one of these areas fails the other fails and this means a basic principle was missed or not applied. Commercial Cool Roof Systems is a company that understands both of these fields and the correct materials and applications for each.