Sheet metal roof

Older buildings that have been re-roofed a number of times, usually on average about every 15 years, won't always have everything changed out at the time of the re-roofing. I am specifically referring to roofing sheet metals. Many times they are reused or just removed to make the reroof easier and then replaced with some sealant or tar. Other buildings are just outright missing important sheet metals or because of the age of the roof, metals are rusting out. Metals can get really beat up and distorted from reuse and repairs.

One situation I run into a lot is missing metal caps on the tops of the parapet walls and instead, roofing material and tar is used which dries out quickly and quite often. Repeated repairs with new tar will usually cost more than the metal caps would have to begin with.

Whatever your sheet metal need is we can provide you with any custom made or standard sheet metal installation. We have a number of reasonably priced manufacturers of standard commercial sheet metals that we use. We are fortunate to also have a first rate sheet metal fabrication company that we have used for over 15 years, for reasonably priced high quality custom pieces or sizes. All metals and finishes are available.

Commercial Cool Roof Systems is well trained and skilled in sheet metal installations.