They say I need to reroof

Premature re-roofing is quite often prescribed not from the whole roof failing all at once but usually from just a small percentage of the roof failing to hold its water integrity.

However, we have yet to come across a roof that we couldn't tailor a commercial cool roof system for and save the client money. I'm sure there are some but usually the roof neglect on those has led into severe structural damage which needs to be addressed and the only way to get to the structural problems is by removing the roof.

When we have a roof in very bad shape with lots of leaks and endless repairs our first step is to isolate all the problems first, e.g. any rotted woods that need to be replaced, any failing or rotted out metals, heavy ponding areas, drainage problems, any substandard issues, etc. and address these first in the preparatory work needed before we start with the cool roof system.

On our initial roof inspection we thoroughly go over the roof. When your proposal is sent, it will have all of the pictures taken of your roof, the complete sequence of all preparatory work and the proposed commercial cool roof system that will work well for your building.

No two buildings are the same and each will present its own set of problems. Normally the preparatory work is very straight forward when you know the key failure points that most roofs suffer from.

Once prep work is completed we begin with our first water proofing stage. In many of our examples of our work you see black material being used. What you are seeing is:

Spray-grade asphalt roof emulsion – a specially designed, non-fibered, asphalt emulsion coating for adhering and coating polyester fabric in new construction or recover work, and for coating existing smooth surface roofs.

Spray-grade asphalt roof emulsion is made from highly refined asphalt which has been emulsified with Bentonite Clay and water. The advantages are:

  • Cold applied
  • Non-flammable and water proof when dry
  • Outstanding weather resistance
  • Does not check, alligator, run, or sag under extreme weather conditions
  • Gives positive protection against water and corrosive fumes
  • Provides the ideal base for reflective coating
  • Enhances penetration into polyester
  • May be sprayed with a roof coating pump and spray gun, with or without glass choppers
  • Stitch bonded polyester reinforcing fabric is a high quality and durable reinforcement used in roof restoration systems, repair of roof splits, and base flashing details. It is typically used with asphalt emulsion and/or solvent-based cold process systems but can also be used as reinforcement for cements, neoprene sealants, asphalt coatings, white roof mastic and white elastomeric coatings.

Depending on the building owner's requirements or roof situations multiple layers of reinforcing fabric are installed.

After this step is complete you are 100% water tight and are ready for the next step which consists of washing the roof and applying 2 coats of commercial grade white elastomeric roof coatings. We apply the coating with a combination of an airless sprayer and back roller in the coating. This method will give an even coat versus just spraying the coating on which creates thick and thin areas of coating. The back roller of the coating also pushes the material deeper into the roofing and produces a longer lasting and tidier job.

Your roof will be white like a sheet of paper with additional waterproofing plus 85% of heat and UV being reflected. Your roof will then have a service life of 15 to 20 years and indefinitely if maintenance is kept up.

The manufacturers of these elastomeric coatings recommend a retop coating on average about every 10 years. I personally feel that about 7-10 years will keep it in better condition. When you retop coat just the white coating you once again are renewing the service life of your roof for pennies a square foot.