Best time of year to do a Cool Roof

All roofing needs to have favorable weather; unfortunately the leaks that show up are usually in the fall and winter months when it becomes more difficult to schedule larger projects given the shorter and unpredictable weather and temperature windows.

Quite often emergency and temporary repairs will be done to handle the immediate leak or emergency and when it is no longer leaking it can be easy to forget about your roof and put off the large project that is actually needed. With the following wet season the leaks show up again and then another repair is done. Now it becomes even more apparent that you need to do that large project but you may not be able to because of the weather liability.

Fortunately with Commercial Cool Roof Systems we do not have to deal with full roof removals (tear offs) but we do need decent weather to get the drying time needed for the different steps involved in cool roofing so don't leave it too late! And when you hear what sounds like a sales pitch about doing it earlier in the year and it's a nice summer day with no rain in sight for months and months especially here in California keep in mind that the rains will eventually arrive.

Another point to keep in mind is that most roofing contractors get very busy as the wet months approach and the summer is over. Roofing prices tend to go up and the availability of good roofers goes down.

So, my advice to you is to take advantage of the weather window in spring through summer for your best pricing, roofer availability and least weather liability for your larger project.

By getting your cool roof done early in the year you not only benefit from protection when the rainy season arrives but you also get protection from the damaging effects of the summer sun and heat on your roof while helping to keep your building interior cool.