Building ventilation for non-air conditioned areas

Hot air, unless it can escape, will build up inside a building making it hot and uncomfortable. One option for cooling your building down that is very effective is the use of turbine vents. These operate on a wind movement which will draw hot air out of the structure. Turbine vents are mainly used in warehouses but can be used in a number of other types of buildings. These are the least expensive to buy and install compared to other types of ventilation.

Turbines use no electricity and once installed are free to run. These come in a variety of sizes and should be matched to the size of the space you are trying to ventilate. There are formulas that the manufacturer supplies which will show you the cubic footage of air they will have to move in relation to how fast the breeze/wind is moving, usually ½ to 2 miles per hour will be plenty.

The next step up from turbines is electric belt drive exhaust fans. These come in a variety of sizes in relation to the amount of air that will be moved out of a building. We have worked on older buildings where these are still in use - some over 40 years old and doing a great job on cooling these buildings down.

We have also noticed that manufacturing companies that were using machinery inside which produced a lot of heat and smell have been able to greatly reduce this problem by installing some form of exhaust fans.

There are other types of exhaust fans that can be purchased going up in price. Once you know what you are trying to accomplish with your ventilation, there are a lot choices and not all of them expensive.

Combining white elastomeric roof coatings which reflect 85% of heat and UV off your roof along with the correct ventilation can make some very big differences in the comfort level of a building.

Commercial Cool Roof Systems can help you determine an optimum solution for any ventilation problem your building may have.

After the installation of these simple turbine vents, the employees working in this building observed a considerable drop in temperature making their working environment much more comfortable.

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