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"Thank you for the outstanding job that you did last week on the roof on my building last week. We haven’t had any real rain yet but with the misting that we had this morning the roof passed its first test. I was impressed with your knowledge about the problems that the roof presented and the care with which you address them made me confident that the repairs will last for many years. If you need a reference in the future, don’t hesitate to give my contact information to a prospective customer." D.K. Los Angeles, CA

"As usual, you did such a thorough and excellent job. Knowing your work, I know that you didn’t miss a single detail and that you used all the best materials. We can’t thank you enough. If you ever need a referral, please feel free to give out my phone number. I will always highly recommend you and your work. Thank you again for all your help and for attending to it so quickly. Please keep in touch." N. and J.K. Los Angeles, CA

"After thoroughly searching we were referred to you, and we’re so glad. You took care of all the major problems, repaired the roof in fine fashion, and not only did you meticulously and laboriously tile the roof keeping the same old mission style intact but in fact, turned out an artistically beautiful, new roof." D.A. Los Angeles, CA

You are highly recommended in my book. Thank you so very much in maintain and standing by to take care of my roofing needs at a phone’s notice. I sincerely appreciate your thoroughness and efficiency in fixing my roof." L.R. Los Angeles, CA

"It was also a pleasure working with you on this job. I’ve been doing this for 30+ years and you are the first roofer that has gone out of his way to work with my tenants, especially a difficult one in this case. I plan on working with you on many jobs in the future and will be happy to refer you to others. I am also going to speak again to I.C in Costa Mesa and let him know what a great job you did for me in Paso Robles….family has properties in five states and I’m sure he can use an honest professional such as you. Thanks again for a great, smooth job." B.P. Los Angeles, CA

"I have never had a tenant go out of their way and give a “that a boy” to any of my vendors. Thanks again for the good work… I’ll also pass this on to my client." B.P. Los Angeles, CA

"Not only will we have years and years of trouble free roofing due to the quality of workmanship, but esthetically, it’s gorgeous. We LOVE our roof! Thank you, Thank you!!! Because of your skill, True artisanship and attention to detail our new roof is a masterpiece. We were very happy with the thorough job site cleaning after each day’s work…welcome and reassuring." D. and T.S. Los Angeles, CA

"They have now installed three separate roofs for me and each time they started on time, stayed on schedule and kept within our agreed upon budget. Beyond completing each project as agreed, issues arose with each roof, as those things always do, and they took it upon themselves to just handle the situation rather than stall the job and increase the cost. They always went beyond the scope of work at no additional cost and even with beyond roof work. In one instance the drains were shot and they went ahead and handled the fabrication for us and saw that process through for our benefit with no personal gain. Integrity and competence are the strengths of this company and of Ray Farkas in particular with whom I dealt exclusively. I highly recommend them." R.A.H. Los Angeles, CA

"The new roofing material that Ray and his crew installed made such a difference to our consignment shop located in a metal building. Our summer temperatures in Paso Robles can be over 100 degrees. We were unable to be open during those days as the inside temperature was uncomfortable and the air conditioning unit could not keep up. The new roof kept the temperatures lower allowing our air conditioning to actually cool the building keeping our customers happy. Ray installed vents that that helped remove the warm air up and away, too. Ray and his crew were respectful of our shop hours and did their best to not inconvenience us. They were great about cleaning each day after working. We would recommend Ray as a solution to your cool roofing needs." L.B. Los Angeles, CA

"I'm on the board of my condominium building's HOA; when we decided to install solar panels on the roof in 2010, we wanted to make sure our roof would last a long time, since re-roofing would be difficult and expensive after the solar array was installed. To extend the roof's lifespan, we've had Ray and his company install a elastomeric coating of our condominium building's roof twice now; once in 2010 (just before installing the solar array) and a recoating this month. Both times they have done an excellent, professional job and gone above and beyond what was required. Ray in particular has a very good command of what is required to keep a rooftop in good condition and is committed to doing things "the right way" and not just "good enough for now". In addition to preparing and recoating the roof, he also detected and corrected a number of drainage problems that would eventually have lead to leaks and other roof-longevity issues, and made sure that the mounts connecting the solar array to the roof were properly waterproofed. Our roof had had occasional leakage problems in the past (before 2010), but we haven't experienced any leaks since the coating was applied, and as a side benefit the condos on the top floor of the building remain noticeably cooler now in the summer than they did before. (Before the coating was applied, you could feel the heat radiating down from the ceilings in the afternoons; now the ceilings remain cool even on hot days) Also, their prices are quite reasonable compared to the competing bids we obtained. We'd definitely recommend this company to anyone interested in a cool-roof coating." J.F. Pasadena, CA

"I have 28,000 sq. ft. commercial building in Costa Mesa and recently had Commercial Cool Roof Systems resurface the roof. The crew was professional, courteous & neat. Because of the cool roof system, the building is staying substantially cooler. On a side note, one of the tenants had an 'oops'; their 12,000 sq. ft unit was functioning with only one 5-ton air conditioner out of six --they made it through the summer without realizing this fact. That was proof enough to me that the cool roof system does what its supposed to do and saves on my cooling load, making the building much more efficient. My guess is somewhere in the range of 30 - 50%. I would highly recommend Commercial Cool Roof Systems." G.M. Newport Beach, CA

"Thank you for fixing our roof…we really appreciate the way you persevered—just like Sherlock Holmes on a difficult case! Thank you for helping our friends when they had roof problems; they think very highly of you and happy that you responded quickly in their hour of need." J.R. Los Angeles, CA

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